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The Media UK Radio Pocketbook

An old friend is coming back to the UK radio industry, thanks to Media UK

Update: You can buy the pocketbook here

In 1993, I'd just started a two-year stint as a full-time radio presenter.

There weren't that many radio stations in those days. An entire list of them fit into a little stapled pocketbook that you could obtain by writing to the Radio Authority, the precursor to Ofcom. The 1993 version of the Radio Authority Pocketbook was grey, with a pink graphical design on the front (using a graphical technique which is apparently called Ben-Day Dots). Inside, you'd find the names of senior management, and the address and telephone number of each station.

The Pocketbook last came off the printing press in 2007, after it had been taken care of by the RadioCentre for a few years. By then, considerably more radio stations had been added, and the listings had started including websites and email addresses. The internet was coming: and, by and large, replaced the Pocketbook's usefulness.

Yet, there was something about a small, printed, pocketbook with easy access to telephone numbers and names of stations. Partly a love of tradition, but partly the usefulness of a radio directory to flick through and make amendments in biro. And, after Capital Yorkshire's Simon Hirst scanned a few pages on his personal Facebook page, it was clear that it wasn't just me that missed a printed directory.

So, I'm delighted to let you know that delegates to nextrad.io, and other radio conferences in Autumn, will get a free copy of a new Media UK Radio Pocketbook.

Deliberately designed to look as close to the 1993 version as possible, it contains all the information that you might want in an offline world: from telephone numbers to addresses, frequencies, and, for selected broadcasters, senior management too. This time, it lists all licenced radio stations - from BBC radio to commercial, community radio to hospital. And, due to changes in print technology, it'll never be hideously out of date either.

Now's the time to check your entry in Media UK and update it where necessary. We've spoken to the large radio groups already to update their info: email admin@mediauk.com if you'd like to check who we're talking to in your organisation. Our print deadline for the nextrad.io beta edition is the end of next week.

Not going to a major radio conference this year? You'll be able to get hold of individual copies from November, too, with all the latest information. Media UK will have information nearer the time.

We look forward to bringing a little tradition back to the UK radio industry: and continuing to run the UK's free online media resource.

James Cridland is the Managing Director of Media UK, and a radio futurologist: a consultant, writer and public speaker who concentrates on the effect that new platforms and technology are having on the radio business.
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